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These quality retail clothing racks are the perfect way to organize and display your products in any store or boutique. Constructed of either steel or one of several wood frame finishes, our racks are sure to last through years of use. We offer adjustable shelves to make it easy to customize your clothing selection. We offer some of our products with heavy-duty casters to provide smooth mobility and added convenience. With their elegant design, these racks will fit seamlessly into any décor while giving you reliable storage and display capabilities. Whether you need additional storage for hanging garments or just want an attractive way to showcase items, these quality retail clothing racks have got you covered.

Shelf Pieces (w/ Brackets)

Our quality shelf pieces with brackets are an ideal way to add storage and organization to any room. Constructed with a sturdy wooden frame and coated finish, these shelves are built for durability and longevity. The adjustable brackets make it easy to customize your shelving space. Sold as a set of 3, these shelves will fit neatly into any décor while giving you reliable storage. Whether you need additional displays or just want an attractive way to showcase items, these quality shelves have got you covered.

Addon Hangbars

Our Addon Hangbars are the perfect way to add storage and organization in any space. Made with a strong metal frame, coated stainless steel or brass finishes and small or large size options, these shelves are designed for long-lasting use. The adjustable hang bars make it easy to customize how you want your shelving system set up. With their versatile design, our add-on hangbars and extensions are great for both heavy duty items or light items that need support while they’re on display. (Sold as a set of 2)

Modular Rolling Racks

Our modular rolling racks are great for organizing and storing items in any location. They feature a versatile design that can be configured to meet your needs, with adjustable shelves, heavy-duty swivel casters, and more. These sturdy racks make it easy to access items quickly and keep them safe from damage. Whether you need storage for vinyl records or components in an industrial setting – modular rolling racks provide an efficient solution perfect for any space.

Single/Double Modular Etagère

D.B. Imports is proud to offer quality etageres perfect for any home, office, or retail space that needs additional storage and display options. Our selection of single or double etageres come in a variety of styles, ensuring you will find the right one to fit your needs. We use high-quality materials and construction techniques to guarantee our products are built with durability in mind and designed to last for years of use. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a more expandable design, D.B Imports has an etagere that is certain to exceed your expectations.

Crank Apparel Hanger

From Our Urbanology Collection, the crank apparel hanger from D.B. Imports is an ideal choice for displays in clothing stores, boutiques and fashion showrooms. This hanger features a sleek design that looks great on any clothes rack or display stand. The sturdy metal construction ensures durability and an adjustable stand enables easy height accessibility to accommodate different sizes of clothing items. With its modern look and reliable performance, the crank apparel hanger is sure to make an impressive presentation in any setting!

Slatwall Spinner

The Slatwart spinner from D.B Imports is a stylish and practical display fixture that will instantly add modern and sophisticated flair to any space. Available in white, black or distressed pine finishes, this resilient wooden piece features an innovative slatted design, with reinforced shelving for maximum accessibility. The caster wheels enable easy movement around the room for quick access when needed, and the accented bottom portion can be used for extra storage. With its timeless look, the Slatwart spinner from D.B Imports will add classic charm to any home, office, or retail setting.