Custom Designs

We can work with any materials including solid woods, veneers, mdf, all metals and acrylics, etc. We use the latest CAD technology to assure that we will engineer exactly what you need designed to your specs. Should you require it, we can also provide design options for you. Once the design team has consulted with you to find out your needs and desires, they will offer options all with highly competitive pricing and excellent quality.

For over 25 years, D.B. Imports, Ltd. has been providing retail solutions to grocery stores, garden centers and retail chains, to name a few. We have also been very successful in providing companies with product merchandising programs as well as visual merchandising programs. We understand the retail market to be ever changing and competitive and we will strive to provide your business with the best solution possible.

Please contact us at or 800-635-4901 to get your bid started or with any questions you might have.