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D.B. Imports specializes in display fixtures, modular etageres, shelves and hanging extensions for any retail display need. Our wall systems are designed with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and functionality. Let us help you create the perfect display for your store today!


Discover the high-quality sideboards from D.B. Imports! Our selection of accented, elm and iron finish sideboards are perfect for any retail space or room and come with modular height design options to fit any space. All our sideboards feature casters for easy mobility and accessibility. Shop now at D.B. Imports and see why we’re one of the leading furniture wholesalers today.

Leaning Bookshelf

Our leaning wall shelves are perfect for those looking to add a modern and accented finish to their retail space. These shelves feature elm wood construction, with iron supports that make them sturdy and reliable. The combination of durable materials ensures these leaning shelves last for years to come. With a unique design that gives any room an interesting touch, our leaning bookshelves will become the focal point of your decor.


Introducing D.B. Imports’ rolling curio bookshelves. Our stylish and modern shelves are constructed from durable elm wood for the shelves while the supports and casters are made of solid iron, making them a perfect addition to your retail or home space. The included casters make it easy to move the bookshelf around when needed, while its modular design allows you to combine multiple pieces together to maximize storage space without sacrificing style. With these stunning bookshelves, you can bring a touch of sophistication and functionality into any setting!

Display Shelf (S,M,L)

Our small, medium, and large size display shelves from D.B. Imports are perfect for adding a little extra flair to any room decor. Each shelf is handcrafted using only the finest materials and they come in various sizes to fit any space perfectly. The durable construction ensures that these shelves can hold up to daily use while still looking beautiful for years to come. Included is the durable metal frame, and shelves made of mango wood. Mango wood is sustainable, dense, durable, rich in natural coloration and has been treated with protective coating. Whether you need additional storage or want refined decor, our display shelves are an excellent choice!

Wall Mounted Round Shelf

The Wall Mounted Round Shelves by D.B. Imports are the perfect addition to any room in your retail space or office. Crafted from natural elm wood, these shelves feature an eye-catching design that adds a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to any space. The sturdy iron frame ensures extra durability and stability, supporting small items with ease. The round shape gives this shelving unit a unique look that will be sure to draw attention from guests, customers, and colleagues alike. Add this stylish shelf to your decor and instantly elevate the style of any room!

Shelf with Hanger

The shelf with hanger attachment from D.B Imports is perfect for any space in your retail space. This functional yet stylish shelf offers ample storage and organization, allowing you to display items like books, decorations, or even photos in an attractive way. The hanger bar is not fixed, allowing attachment to the front or underside of the shelf or by itself on a wall. Its elm wood construction ensures durability while its iron accents give it a sturdy look that stands out.

High Glass Showcase

The perfect addition to any retail showroom, D.B. Imports’ high gloss showcase is an eye-catching display piece that adds a touch of luxury and style. Crafted from quality materials and built to last, this sturdy unit is perfect for showcasing apparel and other accessories in a vibrant and inviting way. The clear glass shelves and adjustable shelf levels ensure maximum visibility and guarantees to keep looking new for years to come. Give your store the polished look you desire with this sophisticated yet practical piece from D.B Imports!

Singular/Double Étagères

The modular etageres from DB Imports is perfect for any modern retail space. This stylish item features white high gloss shelves, and a finished brass or silver accented frame. It can be used to store books or decorative items while adding an elegant touch to any space. The open shelving design of the modular etagere provides ample storage and organization opportunities in any room. Not only does this piece provide great organizational benefits, but it also offers a sophisticated aesthetic that would look great in a contemporary setting. Adding a set of D.B. Import hang bars (2075A-B)/(2075A-S) can increase storage capacity of our etageres by twice as much. Check out our collection today.

Hang Bars

Our hang bars are designed to help you organize and display your products with ease. Crafted with a brass or stainless steel finish, these extensions will fit our standard single (2073-S/B) or double etageres, (2074-S/B). The brass finish gives it a classic and timeless look while the stainless steel finish offers more contemporary and modern appeal. Whether you’re looking for practicality or aesthetic charm in your store’s design, our hang bars provide an ideal solution to accentuate your merchandise presentation.