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D.B Imports is your source for display fixtures that will bring a touch of style and sophistication to any store. Our cash wrap counters offer the perfect solution with their modern design, craftsmanship and affordability. With a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, you can find display pieces that suit your tastes perfectly. Enhance the efficiency of your business by making D.B Imports’ cash wrap counters part of your display setup today!


D.B. Imports offers a wide selection of stylish display fixtures and accent pieces to give your store an elegant, modern look. Our counters are available in various shapes, styles and sizes making them perfect for any space or display setting. Crafted from high quality materials, our counters add sophistication and elegance to any shop front, counter display area or cash register counter. Add class and texture to your display with an accent piece from D.B. Imports today!

Back Cash Wrap

The D.B Imports Back Cash Wrap is a display fixture that combines style and convenience for any store. It features elegant and accessible design with multiple compartments ideal for register areas or to display merchandise. The wrap has a sleek, modern look to accent your business display while adding a touch of sophistication. With its wholesale prices, you get quality products at unbeatable rates, making them the perfect centerpiece for any retail display!

Island Counter

 D.B. Imports’ Island Counter is the ideal display fixture for any accent pieces and merchandise. Crafted from quality materials, this stunning counter has a modern yet timeless look that will instantly elevate your display area to create an inviting atmosphere in any store setting. Perfect for stocking items like beauty products, trinkets and other accessories, it adds visual interest as well as practical display storage space. 

Two-Tier Counter

D.B. Imports’ two-tier counter display fixtures are the perfect accent for any display space or store. These stunning display solutions add a touch of sophistication and style, enabling customers to quickly view merchandise and easily access items in different compartments. Available in black or white, our  two-tier counters offer convenience and organization without taking up too much space, allowing businesses to make the most of their display areas while creating an eye-catching display that stands out from the competition.

Counter Stand

D.B. Imports offers wholesale display counter stands that are perfect for any accent in your store or business! Our counter stands come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing for endless customization options to fit the needs of you and your customers. With our high-quality materials and graceful design, our designs will last for years to come. The durable wooden construction and accessible design makes it easy to display accent items while providing an eye catching display that customers will appreciate. Perfect for use in conjunction with our other counter options, in retail stores, boutiques or other businesses looking for wholesale counter stand solutions at a competitive price.

Jewelry Cases 

D.B. Imports offers a wide range of display fixtures and accent pieces that enhance any space. Our jewelry cases with LED lights are no exception! Our display cases come in black or white so you can create just the right atmosphere for your retail store or shop window display. Perfect for showcasing various types of jewelry collections, our display cases provide an attractive way to organize and display items while keeping them safe from damage due to dust. Locking adjustable shelves are also included for security and convenience. 

Register Cubby

Our register cubbies are the perfect addition to your space, providing a convenient area for cashiers and customers alike, without taking up too much counter space. With its sturdy construction and sophisticated design, our cubbies will last through years of use while enhancing the décor of any room it adorns. Shop our wholesale selection today to find display fixtures that meet your specific needs.

3 Tier Round Countertop Display

The 3 tier round countertop display from D.B. Imports is a perfect way to showcase your products in any retail store or display area. The display fixture has three tiers, giving you ample room to place various accent items on the top shelf while keeping larger bulk items safely stored below. Constructed of sturdy wood and metal, this multi-level rotating display offers long lasting durability and dependability for years to come. With its attractive design, this wholesale display solution from D.B. Imports will draw customers in – no matter what type of product it holds!

Square Jewelry Case

D.B. Imports offers a wide selection of display fixtures and accents for your store, including our square jewelry cases. These glass and wood cases feature sturdy construction for long-lasting use in any setting and are designed to help give your items extra pop when on display. Our wholesale square jewelry cases come in distressed pine and white, making them perfect for storing pieces of all shapes and sizes. The premium quality materials make these cases the ideal choice when you need an attractive way to show off your products!

Display Cases

D.B. Imports display cases are the perfect choice for accenting any room in your home or office with timeless style and elegance. Built to last, these display fixtures add a subtle flair of sophistication to any décor. They are crafted from high quality metals and wood that make them durable and stylish while giving any space an extra flare of luxury. Whether you’re looking to add charm and character to modern interiors or enhance traditional spaces, D.B Imports display cases give you the ability to do so with countless options available at competitive prices!